T&L Associates offers services based on client requirements. These services break into three groups; Full retained, modified retained and contingency. Each can be modified to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Search Process

  1. Consult, in depth, with our client to understand company culture, goals and their business as well gain a complete understanding of the requirements for each position.
  2. Construct search profile for each position, review with client prior to starting any search.
  3. Compile target list of companies which includes direct & indirect competitors as well as organizations that may have candidates with the desired skill set. This is the basis to develop a list of target candidates.
  4. Contact candidates, discuss the opportunity and through multiple interviews, select the best qualified candidates who are open to change and, more importantly, whose goals align with the clients’.
  5. Submit selected candidates to client, discuss each one and select those to enter the interview process.
  6. Arrange interviews, both phone and face to face as necessary.
  7. Prepare our client for the interview(s) by briefing them on the candidate motivations to change careers.
  8. Brief candidate(s) for the interview process, ensure they are prepared and committed to interview process. Close on alternative offers and counteroffers.
  9. After the interview, debrief the candidate.
  10. Debrief the client.
  11. Release professionally those candidates the client wishes not to continue the process with.
  12. Set up follow on interviews (normally in person) for those candidates remaining.
  13. After interviews completed, debrief both the candidates and client.
  14. Request references on the lead candidate, perform reference checks if desired by client.
  15. Negotiate final offer that will meet client and candidate requirements, make verbal offer.
  16. Cover resignation with the selected candidate and counteroffers (again!).
  17. Obtain start date and coordinate written offer from the client.
  18. Follow up with the candidate during the resignation process and subsequent notice period with his previous employer.
  19. Coordinate with the client to have as much material provided to the candidate as possible during his notification period to help shorten the ramp time.
  20. Stay in contact with the candidate during his first 90-120 days on the job.